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Connecting the archipelago

The North and Middle Caicos road.

The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) infrastructure system showed its resilience during hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. Now, planned construction of a road linking all inhabited islands in the archipelago represents a golden window for investors

Having recovered from the hurricanes of 2017, infrastructure in the TCI is again progressing apace. The sector’s response to the losses sustained from the natural disaster was to delay and rescind projects that were not committed and redirect funds towards recovery in partnership with the private sector. Now, the infrastructure is stronger than ever, and TCI is looking to foster new public-private partnerships (PPPs) to jump-start plans to expand road infrastructure and support ports and airports to meet growing visitor and transhipment numbers.

Infrastructure and private development have progressed immensely since we entered government

Goldray Ewing

Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning

One of the biggest proposed projects is the ‘spine link road’, which would connect all of the islands by ground transportation and be supported by a new deepwater port on South Caicos. Existing transport links prevent many of the islands from being visited, but local authorities hope that foreign investors will seize the opportunity to transform the accessibility of the TCI for both residents and visitors.